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Beech Soap Dish

Beech Soap Dish

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These beautiful soap dishes are hand crafted from beech wood, by a family run business in Northern Ireland. Made with such care and precision, they stand out from other soap dishes on the market. Designed with grooves on both sides, they can easily be swapped over when soap starts to gunk it up and the grooves underneath prevent water puddling.

Not just for the bathroom sink, they are great for draining washing up bars and scrubbing brushes or sponges by the kitchen sink too!

Pair with a pretty soap for a special gift.

Finished with mineral oil to bring out the grain and protect.

Approximate sizes are
Single Soap Size Thickness 22mm X Width 90mm X Depth 75mm
Double Soap Size Thickness 22mm X Width 145mm X Depth 75mm

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