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The Crockery Barn


6 Top Quality Pure Linen Dish Cloths

6 linen mesh
  • Probably the best discloth ever but don’t
    take our word for it give them a try!
  • Pure linen naturally deters bacteria as it dries very quickly
  • The ideal washing and polishing material for kitchen and bathroom surfaces and glass cleaning
  • Linen leaves no marks or residue and polishes well
  • Part of the the barns linen collection range
  • To see more in the linen collection just click on the linen link on the left.

001 new linen dishcloth for CB 2 001 new linen dishcloth for CB

Customer Reviews

Verified Purchase
Without doubt the very best dishcloths one can buy. They might seem a little expensive but they are very long lasting; leave no smears or fluff on anything; wash like a dream and absorb moisture properly – unlike some of the synthetics around. Can’t recommend them highly enough
Verified Purchase
Linen dish cloths

Billiant quality Exactly what I had hoped for The best quality dish cloth I have used for years delighted with the product
Verified Purchase
you will not find better dishcloths anywhere. they may seem expensive but they last ages and leave no smears or streaks. invest in these; you will not be sorry
Verified Purchase
No more paper thin cloths or those synthetic things. This is the real thing. A quality substantial linen cloth just I remember they were oh so long ago. These will not require replacing after a week’s use or even a month’s use.
Well worth the price.
Verified Purchase
To me this is the perfect dishcloth – hardwearing as pure linen is hard to beat. Other kinds can be a serious of bacteria.
Not so with these. They can readily be boiled and bleached and I would have n one other.
Verified Purchase
Excellent quality. These beautiful clothes will last forever I feel, as I’ve already treated one rather harshly and it came out the washing machine like new. They stand bleaching. Tumble drying… I am delighted that I invested the money on these fabulous clothes.

Price: £13.95

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