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Suffolk Magazine feature August 2014
The Sargent family built their Crinkle Crankle wall at The Crockery Barn during 1999 having admired the walls they had seen when they first moved to Suffolk many years before.
We needed to replace an unattractive hastily built breeze block wall and decided a serpentine wall was the perfect choice. These attractive walls are more commonly found in Suffolk and were usually built by wealthy land owners to use up the many bricks left over after building stately homes. They blend in naturally with the Suffolk countryside and provide good privacy and shelter. The Sargent wall which measures 100 foot actually fills an 80 foot gap and took 6 weeks to build. We choose a local builder David Starling to take on this project as he has a reputation for perfectionism. We watched in admiration as our wall began to grow in the knowledge that David had not built one before. Although these walls were often built using half bricks this example has been constructed using whole bricks. No piers are required as crinkle crackle walls are inherently stable. Without doubt however, the best feature our wall offers is to watch its beauty change with the light as we move through the seasons.