• To lounge about all day wearing a sarong of course!
  • I, like many women work hard and split my time between cooking and cleaning my home for family and friends to enjoy and running a business. I began my business when I decided to make the necessary work indoors more efficient, effective and satisfying! I travel not just to trade fairs but to small independent producers to find traditional hard working products that will last a long time and possibly be pasted on to future generations as they once were a long time ago. It is more often than not the small family manufactures that produce the best in quality as they are interested in the product they are making.
  • I am passionate about pure linen for instance as it is not only natural but importantly is sustainable, hard working and will last a very long time unlike cheaper alternatives. I call this the fairy liquid factor! I can remember many years ago trying a cheaper washing up liquid only to find that the TV ads were right, the cheaper alternatives didn’t last half as long. I really do not like disposable goods for the home as I feel it’s just so bad for our wallets and the planet!
  • I hope you will enjoy browsing my site and if you have a particular product you want please do let me know so I can add it to my growing list of treasures to find.
  • May 2013

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